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The 4 letter domain name pcgn.com was first registered on March 29, 2002, and to date, it is still owned by the original person who was the first to register the domain name. Currently, pcgn.com is listed for sale at Epik.com, a trusted name in the domain market, and more.




Even in today’s digital world, face advertising is very important. People still talk about lunch, email from their desk, and text from their bedroom. So a brand is easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember, and at least have some taste of what the business is doing.

If you don’t have a marketing budget and don’t want to educate consumers about the meaning of the name you create, then you probably want to go with a descriptive real-world brand.

Our four-letter domain name PCGN.COM is designed to make your company the easiest – and most fun – way to remember your case. Memorable, limitless.

This is a different type of domain name that may have a unique identity. Basically, it is very different from the .com domain name which is a top-level domain name.

With a great combination of 4 letter domains PCGN.COM, you can create any type of website. Especially this domain is related to gaming websites such as PC Gaming websites, Casino websites, Coins, and Gold, or IT support websites.

pcgn logo

With a great combination of four letter domains PCGN.COM, you can create any type of website especially this domain related to gaming websites such as PC gaming websites, casino websites, Coin and Gold or IT support websites.

Four-letter domains/brands are good because they are small and easy to type in a browser. In many cases, a memorable, descriptive brand that is 4 letters is the way to go for most small businesses.

We are currently offering this domain for sale, you can make your offer by clicking the button below.




We have listed 100  domain names for sale. All the domain names are in 4 letters to 6 letters with .COM extensions. Have a look at the list below and make an offer for your desired Top-Level domain.


First Registered on 3-29-1997


First Registered on 10-13-1995


First Registered on 11-5-1997


First Registered on 11-20-2001


First Registered on 11-03-1999


First Registered on 5-9-1997


First Registered on 3-26-2003


First Registered on 10-5-2000


First Registered on 7-9-2002


First Registered on 2-25-1998


First Registered on 5-4-2000


First Registered on 2-2-1999




First Registered on 4-27-2002


First Registered on 10-24-1996


First Registered on 10-19-1993


First Registered on 6-26-2003


First Registered on 3-11-2000


First Registered on 10-24-1996


First Registered on 7-30-1998



About pcgn.com

The 4 letter domain name pcgn.com was first registered on March 29, 2002, to date, it is still owned by the original person who was the first to register the domain name.

Currently, pcgn.com is listed for sale at Epik.com, a trusted name in the domain name market and more


If you are ready to make your market on the internet and are in the market for a short, 4 letter domain name to get started with, then click the buy now button and you will be connected to the for sale page for pcgn.com. There you will be able to submit an offer to purchase this 4 letter domain name.



4 letter domains are great because they are relatively inexpensive, but startups can use them as an acronym for 4-PIN names. In the case of PCGN.com, it can be used to create many brands for various business applications. Below are some examples of 4 letter domain name sales:

We’ve listed 12 popular 4-letter domain names here. And at the same time, we have discussed in detail about the price at which each domain name is sold. From this, you will get a clear idea.

If your company or startup has a four-letter name and still needs to register the corresponding dot-com domain name, you may be out of luck unless you are willing to spend a fortune for it.

Most of the 4 letter domain names have been registered so it can be very tough for you to find a unique domain name within 4 letters. Then what is the solution?

Well, the solution is you have to purchase a domain from the original owner. The listed domain name has been sold from person to person or business to business.

LAON.com $500,249

LAON.com is a great 4 letter domain that sold at $500,249. Currently, LAON.com is redirected to Paydayloans.com. That means when you type in LAON.com, it will automatically redirect to Paydayloans.com website.

CALL.com $1,100,000

Call.com was registered by Godaddy on 1995-02-12 and sold for $1.1 million. Now the domain name points to a parked page at Godaddy but if you are willing to pay big the Godaddy team may help you get this 4 letter domain name.

INDI.com $115,000

One of the great 4 letter domains INDI.com was registered on 1995-04-30. This domain was sold at $115,000. Now, this 4 letter domain takes you to an app where creators can get paid for sharing their favorite products and brands.

BIBA.com $70,602

BIBA.com was registered by Godaddy on 2004-01-26. The domain was sold at $70,602. It’s an amazing 4 letter domain name.

DENG.com $65,000

DENG.com dated 1998-09-20, eName Technology Co., Ltd. 8 were registered with it. It’s a great combination of 4-letter domains, easy to pronounce and memorable. It sold for $ 65,000 and is now an online shopping portal.

AILI.com $90,000

The AILI.com domain was registered by eName Technology Co., Ltd on 2001-05-03. This 4 letter domain is a great domain and it sold for $ 90,000.

MOJO.com $300,000

MOJO.com was registered by GoDaddy.com, LLC on 1994-08-29, and the domain was sold for $300,000 Coming this fall, The Game Of A Lifetime – Bet on Athletes Like Stocks.

KOKO.com $100,440

Another great 4 letter domain name is KOKO.com which was registered by Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. on 1998-08-10. The domain sold for $100,440.

FENG.com $250,000

The great, 4 letter domain FENG.com was registered by Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd. on 1996-10-29. And it sold for $250,000. It has become a very popular domain today.

MGTV.com $130,000

MGTV.com was registered by Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. on 2000-10-31 and the domain sold for $130,000 The domain is now used for MangoTV.

DUDU.com $1,000,000

Dudu.com was registered by Hetzner Online GmbH on 2001-06-11 and it was sold at $1,000,000 This is one of the highest selling price domains on our list.

JOSB.com $400,000

Another 4 letter domain name is JOSB.com and was registered by GoDaddy.com, LLC on 1998-08-21 This domain sold at $400,000 and yes, you guessed it, it is a job search engine.

What does all this mean for today’s startups and small businesses?

For one, this means you may want to reconsider giving your business a four-letter name unless you are willing and able to afford to buy the corresponding domain name.

Short URLs are often preferred because they are more memorable and easier to type in web browsers than long domain names. WhoAPI states that it doesn’t include non-letter symbols such as dashes and numbers, so a four-letter combo using it is still available.

website suggestions

What will you do with the great 4 letters pcgn.com domain name?

Well, we are giving some ideas that can help you to decide what types of websites you can create with this domain. Here, we are just showing you 4 types of websites that you can create with this domain, but you can create any type of website with this great 4 letter domain.


Great 4 letter domain for coin and gold websites like:

  • Precious Coin & Gold Network
  • Purchase Coin & Gold Now
  • Precious Coin and Gold News


Great 4 letter domain for pc gaming websites like:

  • PC Gaming News
  • PC Gaming Network
  • PC Gaming Now


Great 4 letter domain name for a casino gaming website like:

  • Play Casino Games Now
  • Play Casino Game Network
  • Play Casino Games No Deposit


Great 4 letter domain for IT Support websites like:

  • Domain & Hosting Provider
  • Computer & Electronics Accessories
  • Educational websites like w3school


Frequently Asked Queries

When was the domain name pcgn.com first registered and who owns it?

PCGN.COM was first registered on March 29, 2002 and today it is still owned by that same person.

What is the process to purchase the domain name pcgn.com?

Click here to visit for the sale page where you can submit an offer to purchase the domain name pcgn.com.

How much should I offer for pcgn.com?

Offers less than 6 figures USD will be automatically denied.

How many offers have been made for pcgn.com?

Since 2002 there have been dozens of offers made both public and private, none have inspired the owner to sell pcgn.com

Can I finance the purchase of this domain name?

Yes, zero percent interest financing options are available. To finance the purchase of pcgn.com you must contact us at admin@pcgn.com prior to submitting an offer. Include your purchase price and your desired monthly payment when you email us.

Can I lease or rent pcgn.com instead of purchase it?

Yes, lease or rent offers can be submitted by email to admin@pcgn.com

If I purchase pcgn.com what do I do next to take possession of this domain name?

Once the sale or lease / rent agreement is made, you will need to create an account at domain name Registrar such as Register.com, GoDaddy.com, Epik.com – Note pcgn.com is registered at Register.com so we recommend you create an account with them but is is not required.

PCGN.COM is for sale at Epik.com, who are they and how do I know I can trust them?

Epik is a leading full-service ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and host with operations in Americas, Europe and Asia.

Can I advertise on pcgn.com?

Yes, you can advertise on pcgn.com for a ONE TIME fee of $150.00 USD. You can do so with a blog article that you write (restrictions apply, no adult content). You can see a sample of a paid blog here:

Where and How To Hire A WrdPress Developer”

To advertise send your completed blog article to admin@pcgn.com

What happens after I send you my blog ad?

We will invoice you $150.00 and once you pay the invoice we will upload your blog within 48 hours. You blog will be live until the domain name pcgn.com is sold. This could be weeks, months or years. (restrictions apply)

PCGN.COM is for Sale, Buy it Today or Miss Out!

You can now own this valuable 4 letter domain name. pcgn.com is one of the best domain names for sale at Epik

What they are saying

Marketing professionals

Let’s see what internet professionals are saying about pcgn.com

We asked 3 internet marketing professionals what they thought about pcgn.com and the possibilities it could open for anyone wishing to make on the internet with this 4 letter domain name.

This is a great domain name. It’s short with only 4 letters and it’s a .com the best extension

Jassica Brady

Dev Lead

As an agent in the casino industry and advisor to both new and existing casinos, I see the true potential one could experience if this domain name was to be used on a website such as “Play Casino Games Now”

Dave Wilson

Casino Game Developer

The best available domain name for PC Gaming that I have seen is currently on the market.

Dan Greene

IT Director

When I was asked about this domain name, I immediately thought about the possibilities and who could use it. The answer was simple anyone!

Melissa Brown

Product Advisor

I personally like this 4 letter domain for the casino gaming industry

John Davis


This is a good domain name and is the perfect domain name for SEO if your Company name uses the same letters. A good example of this would be the online company PCGamesN

Kevin Johnson

SEO Strategies, Extra Space



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